Terms & Conditions



Lease Agreement

We require every customer to complete and oblige by the Rutherford Equipment Rental (RER) standard lease agreement prior to commencement of initial rental.  The Agreement covers proper use of equipment and liability for damages.  We rent commercial equipment for commercial winemaking, and reserve the right to refuse service to any customer.

Use of Equipment

We do not allow modifications of any kind to our equipment.  Customers are not permitted to transport equipment from the delivery location or transfer equipment to another entity.  Upon discovery of any equipment not properly functioning, customers must notify RER immediately for resolution or no refund or allowance will be made. All equipment must be returned in clean and good working order, or will be subject to additional charges.  Customers must notify RER for approval of any extension to rental period.  Non-tank equipment is not available for rent nor is it supported during weekends and holidays.

Transport by Customer
Most equipment is available for customer transport with appropriate ratchet tie-downs and vehicle. With tanks, customers are only permitted to transport those that are 450 gallons or under. Customers are not permitted to transport corkers or pallet wrappers.  To give you maximum use of bottling equipment, we deliver at least 24 hours prior to your reservation start date and pick up at least 24 hours after your reservation end date.  We reserve the right to refuse transport by any customer, if we deem that the transport could potentially damage equipment or pose a risk or hazard to others.