Production Equipment Rental for Commercial Wineries, Breweries, and Beverage Producers in Northern California

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When you become a client of Rutherford Equipment, your needs come first.

Established in 1991, our team of industry professionals has decades of hands-on production experience. We don’t just rent and sell equipment, we’ve been in your boots. We’re here to help you solve the many challenges of beverage production.

“We don’t sell or rent anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.”


Our Services

Our tanks, filters and bottling equipment are all fully customized for efficiency and efficacy. We sell the top products in the industry, from filter media. Whether you know what you need or you know you need a solution, we’re ready to help.

Equipment Brokerage Services

We are a used equipment brokerage for the wine, beer and spirit industries. Our role is to match buyers to sellers of equipment. We rarely have the equipment in our possession, but we are the first point of contact for any questions you may have. If you are interested in either buying or selling equipment, please contact us.

Rental Services

Rutherford Equipment has always sought to provide customers with the option to rent the equipment they need rather than purchasing it outright. If you decide that renting equipment is the right choice for your business, you can look forward to the same high-quality products and unmatched advice and service that is extended to all Rutherford Equipment customers.

What Our Customers Say