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With decades of hands-on wine production experience, the team at Rutherford Equipment Rental truly understands the needs of our customers. We know that when you rent a piece of equipment, you’re depending on us to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. We strive to have clear communications with our customers and to ensure all details are reviewed before a reservation is confirmed. We also understand that bottling dates can change, fermentations get stuck, and cold stabilization can take longer than expected. We always do our very best to work with your changing needs.

Rutherford Team
Brianna Willis - Business Operations Manager

Brianna Willis

Business Operations Manager
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Jaime Jimenez - Rental Operations Manager

Jaime Jimenez

Rental Operations Manager
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Brad Warner - Founder/Owner

Brad Warner

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An innovator in wine production, Brad leveraged his experiences to develop cellar protocol that is used in nearly every modern winery today. When you become a client of Rutherford Equipment, you gain access to the problem-solving wisdom he’s developed over 50+ years. He is also available as a consultant at any point in the winemaking lifecycle including equipment valuation, winery design, winemaking and winery equipment selection.

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Lisa Warner - Director of Operations/Owner

Lisa Warner

Director of Operations/Owner
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“We don’t sell or rent anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.”

For more than three decades, Lisa has honed her expertise in winery production strategy, supply chain and business operations. Having worked at every level in the wine business, she is known for maximizing efficiencies and solving problems to drive results. Lisa understands the needs and priorities of every department and leverages her experience on her customer’s behalf to achieve big goals.

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